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RUF RGT: Worthy of its Inspiration


By: Kevin Sims

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Ruf strays from its tradition of turbocharged autobahn cruisers to produce the normally aspired RGT for the racetrack. The RGT, inspired by the famous '73 Porsche Carrera RS, was built to be a duel purpose track/street car.


According to Wayne Corley of the Ruf Auto Centre in Dallas , TX , “The RGT is intended for buyers who participate in club sponsored DE track events. With its lighter weight and no sound deadening, the RGT is built more for the racing enthusiast. It's designed to be easier to strip out and to allow for more adjustability in its set-up. The car's fender flares can be ordered to any width to accommodate whichever wheel sizes. The flares can be easily removed to assist in making painless adjustments at the track.”


The RGT's similarity to the Porsche GT3 RS is quite understandable since they are both track hounds. The car from Pfaffenhausen, Germany boasts a beefier, 3.8 liter power plant compared to the GT3 RS's 3.6 liter unit. The RGT produces at its flywheel a generous 445 HP at 7,600 RPM with 309 lb/ft of torque at 5,100 RPM. The RGT's compression ratio is equal to that of the GT3 RS at 12.0 to 1. However, displacement is not the only source of extra ponies for the RGT's 997 derived engine. The RGT is equipped with a variable camshaft system that optimizes power and torque across the complete power band by rotation speed and engine load dependent adjustments of the intake camshafts. A digital engine management system with drive by wire throttle is applied to provide spontaneous response behavior. Ruf provides each RGT with two modified catalytic converters, an in-house designed exhaust, and a high flow air filter to bolster the engine's power hunting objective. In addition, the RGT's connecting rods are made of titanium to reduce the engine's reciprocating mass. Ruf makes use of a stouter 6-speed gearbox with a dual-mass flywheel and a limited-slip differential to transfer power to the ground.


The RGT, like all Ruf Automobiles, feature a Ruf VIN number and are derived from an unmarked Porsche frame. An integrated roll cage, wrapped in Alcantara, is installed to further strength the car's frame and to provide the weekend racer with track proven safety. Ruf endows the RGT with aerodynamically enhanced front bumpers that features five different air channels to serve engine and brake cooling needs. A retro “Carrera RS” ducktail spoiler is blended to the RGT's kevlar, rear engine lid. A much larger, adjustable rear spoiler of carbon-fiber can be mounted over the ducktail if the driver deems it necessary. The car's aluminum doors, which weigh a mere 30 lbs each, can be ordered with lighter carbon-fiber units to further reduce weight.


The car's sport suspension is designed for the duel purpose of track and street use. Ruf provides its customers with the option of a specially designed Bilstein or KW gas absorber and spring suspension system. Both units feature a full range of adjustability and custom sway bars designed to match their unique design. The RGT comes standard with three-piece Superleggera aluminum wheels with a width of 8.5” in the front and 12.5” in the rear. The car's tires are 235/35 ZR 19 up front and 325/30 ZR 19 out back. As mentioned earlier, customers have the option of any wheel and tires sizes they desire. Bremo provides Ruf with a custom brake system for the RGT featuring red-painted monobloc calipers with ventilated and cross-drilled brake discs.


The resulting effect of Ruf's labors is a car that is astoundingly responsive and brutally fast. The RGT propels itself to 60 MPH in a measly 4.2 seconds and to 125 MPH in an impressive 13.5 seconds. With such acceleration it is easy to forget that this car's purpose in life is racetrack athletics. Its combination of light weight, racing adjustability, and razor shape reflexes make the $238,000 RGT a brilliant turn-key DE racing solution that can be driven to and from the race track.

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